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["/HERAFitterMeetings"] [[/HERAFitterMeetings|Meetings of the HERAFitter users]]

Welcome to H1Fitter Project

H1Fitter is a QCD Fit Package used to determine HERAPDFs and it is part of the HERAPDF project https://www.desy.de/h1zeus.


{i} The H1Fitter beta release can be accessed here upon registration. Everyone is free to register.

To register, please log in (upper right corner) by creating an account (firstnamelastname, example: JohnSmith) and send your request and login name to <h1fitter-help AT SPAMFREE desy DOT de>.

Getting help

Send email to <h1fitter-help AT SPAMFREE desy DOT de>


Meetings of the HERAFitter users

Developers Info



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