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= Since 2016 HERAFitter project has been renamed to xFitter =
<!> please check xfitter.org


Since 2016 HERAFitter project has been renamed to xFitter

<!> please check xfitter.org

Welcome to HERAFitter

Proton parton distribution functions (PDFs) are essential for precision physics at the LHC and other hadron colliders. The determination of the PDFs is a complex endeavor involving several physics process. The main process is the lepton proton deep-inelastic scattering (DIS), with data collected by the HERA ep collider covering a large kinematic phase space needed to extract PDFs. Further processes (fixed target DIS, ppbar collisions etc.) provide additional constraining powers for flavour separation. In particular, the precise measurements obtained or to come from LHC will continue to improve the knowledge of the PDF.

The HERAFitter project is an open source QCD fit framework ready to extract PDFs and assess the impact of new data which we would like to present here. The framework includes modules allowing for a various theoretical and methodological options, capable to fit a large number of relevant data sets from HERA, Tevatron and LHC. This framework is already used in many analyses at the LHC.

Downloads of HERAFitter software package

HERAFitter Meetings


HERAFitter representation

Developers Info (restricted to developers)


  • Steering Group is composed of:
  • Conveners: Voica Radescu, Ringaile Placakyte, Amanda Cooper-Sarkar

  • Release coordinator (revision of the release candidates): Sasha Glazov

  • Librarian (continuous revision/development of the main code and doxygen): Hayk Pirumov

  • Contact Persons: Cristi Diaconu (H1),Klaus Rabbertz (CMS), Bogdan Malaescu (ATLAS), Olaf Behnke (ZEUS), Ronan McNulty (LHCb), Gavin Salam (theory)

  • DESY IT Contact: Yves Kemp, Bogdan Lobodzinsky

Getting help

  • Send email to <herafitter-help AT SPAMFREE desy DOT de>

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